Friday 20 March 2015

DIfferernces between a Wolf and a Do

Many people wonder what the differences between dogs and wolves are.. Since all dogs have descended from wolves, the main similarity are their characteristics, such as their sense of smell and even behaviour - How they show submission but putting their ears down. However, due to dogs having become domesticated from living with humans, over the last hundreds of years, their shared similarities are diminishing! Since they have evolved, they now share different traits and behaviours to their wild ancestors.

Some examples of dogs having become domesticated are shown by their ears! The majority of dog breeds nowadays, have floppy ears and short snouts, and these characteristics are only ever found in wolf puppies.  However, there are a few exceptions - Huskies and Shepherd dogs. These two particular breeds are the closest you can get to having a wolf while while it still being a dog.

 These are dogs ears. as you can see, they are not pointed up!
 These however, are wolves ears and it is clear to see they are pointed up and do not flop.
Also, if you were to ever look at a wolf's face, the first thing you would be sure to notice are their bright yellow eyes. All wolves have yellow eyes, yet there is a wide variety of yellows found! This is eye color is rarely found in dogs. Most dogs nowadays have either brown or blue eyes!

Friday 13 March 2015

The Geography of Dogs!

Who here knew that the household dog is considered to be the oldest domesticated animal in history? And that dogs are considered to be the oldest domestic animal that are also accepted as being an ancestor of the wolf!


Have you ever wondered what the oldest breed of dog in the world is? I have... But it’s actually not known what the oldest breed of dog ever is. As there is no evidence relating to one particular breed! This is mainly due to the fact that dogs have been cross-bred and then cross-bred again and again so many times over the centuries, that you can’t isolate their original genes!


Also, who knew that dogs have been domesticated and tamed for over 16,000 years? But we've only been keeping them as our household pets for about 10,000 years? How cool, but weird is that!? This is because dogs were used for certain jobs or duties at first!


The top five oldest known breeds are:

1. Saluki

2. Chinese Shar-Pei

3. Akita

4. Afghan Hound

5. Alaskan Malamute


Dogs are one of the first ever animals to have ever become tame. They have lived with humans for just over 10,000 years and many scientists’ nowadays, associate dogs, both domestic and wild, to be an ancestor of the wolf.


These days, humans have bred new species of dogs, whom could never survive on their own in the wild. There are so many new shapes and sizes of domestic dogs created every year. But sadly, due to such extreme measures people go to, to these create new breeds, many dogs have to suffer from severe problems, such as respiration, sight, joint or growth disorders.


Pugs are a perfect example of both respiration (breathing), and sight difficulties. Due to dogs being bred without people thinking of all the possible problems which may arise, 95% of pugs have bad breathing and sight difficulties, many becoming partially blind by the age of six.


However, some domestic dogs still share many behaviours with their wild relatives. This is most commonly shown through their actions and or temperaments. An example of an action, are dogs burying bones or favourite toys for their future use, just as their wild relatives!

Friday 27 February 2015

The Geography of Dogs

The Geography of Dogs! 

Hey guys! I'm Kitty and I am currently in Transition year! I've decided to do my school project on The Geography of Dogs!
I really hope you enjoy reading it and find it somewhat interesting! And that you learn something new which you didn't know before!

Thanks again!